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From: Marsha Tomlinson, Food Nutritionist, Certified Instructor  

Dear Food Safety Professional:
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After teaching hundreds of food safety classes, I realized there is a faster and easier way for you to prepare to pass your exam.    Instead of going to a class or reading a manual and wondering what might be on the exam, I developed Food Safety Exam Cram...a NRFSP practice test good in each state...that has all the questions, correct answers, and explanations you need to know.
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"As a industry veteran for over 25 years I thought I "knew it all". I was very impressed with your product and it's personal value to me. There is no way I could have passed your practice test the first time. I believe this tool is actually better than the state run classroom style for several reasons-- convenience, pacing, and of course the web based learning tool. I studied with your practice test and received a 97% on my test. I am using it from now on for all my managers versus sending them to the class. Definite testimony to your product. Keep up the good work!"
Phil M.   President, Manatee Restaurant Corporation Florida
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"Awesome" Thanks so much for your help.
Deedra L. California

"Thank you, Marsha. You rock!"
Thant N.   New Jersey

"Just wanted to let you know that I passed the Texas exam on my first try!! Glad I found your site.   The online course I took did not cover many of the questions that you had on your practice exam."
Eric G.   Texas
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